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Welcome to Fantasy World my Friend...

something's always watching...

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...So, here we are!!!... This page contains almost everything you like...

Withards and Dragons
Interesting site...
Dungeons and Dragons ascii arts
More dragons, knights, pegasus, unicorns...
Ghosts & Spirits are here.

Fantastic Creatures
My Fantastic Creatures seem to be somewhere on that site, oh those noughty creatures!!! Everytime I wonder where they are....

This ALLIES OF THE EMPIRE site owned by Lela.
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What You was looking for when You came here? A Treasure? Well, it exists but not phisically but in the hearts of mighty warriors...Are You one of them? Who knows?...
This cat knows everything about You even better then You know Yourself. Are You surprised? He can find out if there is a warrior in You...

This Friends of the Dragon site is owned by Lela.
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My Fantastic Dragons feel comfortable in my World...
Lovely little dragons always have fun....

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This page Updated at 27 May, 1999

Still looking for a Treasure my friend? In this Castle lives the Emperor of the Evil and be carefull not to meet him, take this silver Key and walk into it but be CAREFULL!!! Maybe some Treasure is there...Who knows???....

Mighty Saybeline with Dragon Torr bring peace and magic...
..."Where do you go...fantastic Dream-Boat?...Take me away to somewhere...take me away from here..."
Glorya watchs for my Smokey who I've adopted from Cave Dragons. He is smart and intellectual.

~Smokey The Cave Dragon is adopted from Cave Dragons~

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Lela is Irrisistably Cute.
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Dragons keep this Site safe! The Guardians of the Fantasy World are allways watching out....