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..."In the Night there is a gentle voice of silence..."
It's my friend Tytanel, he looks after my fantastic creatures while I'm away.

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My fabulous Unicorns are wondering what all those human beings do in their lifes...
The Gargoyles are watching out to protect from the danger from outside...
Some Dragons are peacefull and some are terrifying but all they are very wise. Even dangerous ones can understand eachothers and ours feelings and help in hard moments of life...
My Falcor and this big black dragon seem to have really good friendship...
The Trolls are good warriors. They are guards of peace in Fantasy World.
Dragons often help the mighty warrior Knights in their long and adventurous journeys.
Unicorns enjoy to have a rest at the seashore at night...
You can learn even more about fantastic creatures if you visit this nice link: Magical and Fantastic Creatures Where is All about fantastic creatures and their magical powers.

And the Dragons rest in Lost Antique City and there is many treasure, Dragons like to sleep on gold...
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Dragons are very friendly creatures if not disturb them, why people don't understand such simple things?
I hope you like my Fantastic creatures very much and find this page very interesting. Are you still searching for a lost Treasure? Wish you a good luck and hope you will find it very soon. If you feel like you missed something special on the way of your treasure-hunting journey you can go back to My Fantasy World or my Little Big Page. Good Luck!!!

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