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Come On now, join my site! Here we are... There it is!...So what?... Hey!...Surprised? Maybe bored? It's time to move on...So, this old unicorn told me that you've been crawling by the web seeking for some treasure. Where do you suppose to find it? Maybe treasure is here, maybe no...Who knows? THIS PAGE IS OWNED BY GREAT TREASURE-HUNTER L E L A

The Libra Ring

This Libra Ring site
is owned by Lela
and my birthday is 5 oct/1977.

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Welcome to the Fantasy World my friend!

Fantasy World: Gets you somewhere else...
Fantastic Creatures: Here seem to be my noughty little Fantastic Creatures!!!
Here is my Falcor and my friend Melvyn. They will guide You through my Mysterious Little Big Page and protect from the evil....
This --Magick Castle Ring-- site is owned by Lela.
The Magick Castle Web Ring
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Edgar Allan Poe: Site with Poe poems
Leonardo Da Vinci: Great Leonardo is here...
Unicorn Collectors: If you have an interest in Unicorns come here!
Dreams: All about Dreams & Nigtmares
Angel Ring: Something about Angels!!!
Heaven's Gate: How is being in Heaven, hah?
Tests: Personality, Intelligence and other Tests
Fun Page: This is really Funny Page!!!

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